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Legal services

    Company lawyer
  • Outsourced on demand casual legal services
  • Standardization of legal procedures
  • Corporate Issues
    Dispute settlement
  • Legal claims
  • Disputes in data/ privacy protection fields
  • Violations of consumer rights
  • Disputes with State Authorities
  • Disputes concerning penalties, damages
  • Complaints on actions taken by the Bailiffs
    Overdue liabilities and bankruptcy
  • Debt recovery activities
  • Consultancy on bankruptcy of Legal Entities
  • Bankruptcy of Natural Persons
  • Debt purchase
    Legal solutions related to EU funding
  • Appeals on project appraisal
  • Appeals on sanctions of irregularities
  • Amendments of Funding agreement
  • Consultations on project durability issues
  • Disputes with Authorities
    IT regulation related legal services
  • Legal Compliance of electronic trading platforms
  • Disputes in the fields of data/ privacy protection
  • Infringements of consumer rights
  • Legal risk management
    Contract drafting and legal risk management


Porject development

    Project drafting
  • Investment projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Public Private Partnership projects (PPP)
    Investment payback evaluation
  • Financial modeling
  • Optimal capital structure selection/li>
    Business plans
    Market and Sector Analysis
  • EU funding
  • Bank financing
  • Private equity



    External CFO
  • Elaboration of accounting data for effective financial management and control
  • Preparation of budget and execution control
  • Regular assessment of financial performance
  • Evaluation of certain project and client profitability
  • Assessment of employees’ effectiveness and added value to the company
  • Implementation of financial management solutions in order to improve corporate financial standing
  • Analysis of sector and competitors
  • Representation the company in cooperation with banks for raising debt for expanding investments and liquidity assurance
    Value based management approach for improving corporate performance
    Business plans
  • Bank financing
  • Private equity
  • EU funding

Experience in Project Development Field

(e.g. Construction) Projects

Human Resource Management
and Development Projects

Electronic Service
Development Projects

Social Problems related and other
Social -Protection Projects

Education and Science related Projects

Development of Non-Governmental
Organizations and related Projects

International Cooperation

Sports and Cultural
Exchange Projects

Agriculture, Forestry Projects

Tourism Development Projects

Research & Development

Business Development and Business Environment
Improvement Projects

Cultural infrastructure
and cultural exchange

Public Private
Partnership (PPP) Projects

Vertas LT experts have been playing in the extraordinary areas of business, law, finance, project management and evaluation for more than 10 year

Who We Are

Vertas LT experts have been playing in the extraordinary areas of business, law, finance management and project finance for more than 10 year

Our team players gained unique experience and exclusive competencies by representing the leading, world-wide companies/ highly ranked academic institutions or State authorities. Such cross-disciplinary exerience, outstanding knowledge and motivation have accumulated the energy to be shared. This gives Vertas LT the strong competitive advantage and enables the company to provide the top-quality services and exceed the expectations.

We do believe that genius solutions only start with the idea but the execution around transforms the idea to the result. We serve to deliver such result to the client.

Vertas LT has constantly been developing its network of cross-disciplinary and cross-border partners in the Baltic, Scandinavian and other jurisdictions, by giving the ability for the client to develop various projects, assignments or manage activities which exceed the boundaries of the Republic of Lithuania or is beyond Vertas LT service field.

Our Experts


Irmantas expertizes in financial management, project development, investment valuation and raising capital areas. To add, Irmantas has more than 8 year experience in banking sector by assessing corporate financial and credit risk, investment projects, business plans of various legal entities. Irmantas used to advise the clients on the crediting matters by both making investments in fixed assets and financing working capital. Irmantas has also gained the solid experience by taking a place in credit committees in the SEB bank and making decisions on business crediting. By holding managerial position in one of well recognised consulting firms in Lithuania, Irmantas gained broad experience working with large PPP projects and feasibility studies, consulting clients with regards to raising EU funding, preparing investment projects, developing financial models and raising capital for investment projects. Irmantas has gained technical bachelor's degree and master's degree in Economics at Vilnius University. Further deepening knowledge in financial management and investment evaluation Irmantas is pursuing to get CIIA qualification. Irmantas is CIIA candidate. Irmantas is a member of Financial Analyst Association (FAA) since 2015. Irmantas is also engaged in non-commercial activities and social projects.

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